“I worked with Liz Harvey and Tom Kessler on the biggest money making project in 2011 for the largest privately owned company. I highly recommend Liz Harvey and Tom Kessler based on their deep marketing skills and expert knowledge. The integrated marketing program created was by far the best I’ve encountered. Importantly, they understand and effectively navigate the interpersonal relationships and corporate dynamics necessary to make progress. I have personally learned a great deal from Liz Harvey and Tom Kessler and openly seek their council.”



“The Toms” (as we have come to affectionately refer to Tom Weigman and Tom Kessler) have really been on-point for us. They quickly assessed our complex business and have helped crystalize key growth opportunities we have in the Inside sales channel at Dex One. They have worked closely with us to shape and test the new – and company first – win-back programs we are now successfully implementing. Their outside view of our situation and the crafting of both how we were capturing the data and analyzing our results, really helped us in making the case for this program. Without their assistance, we would not be as far along with this project as we are today. We are entering our new year with this significant new strategy developed, implemented and reviewed in under 5 months—which is fairly remarkable for a project of this scope.”



“When my two year-old startup company needed to assess our marketing and sales strategy, we hired Tom Weigman at Quintessent Marketing to rapidly assess and revise our value proposition, messaging and market positioning. In less than one month, Quintessent a) performed a comprehensive marketing and sales assessment, b) put together and executed a two-day strategic planning retreat with objective third-party senior sales and marketing experts in relevant fields from their extensive network, and c) developed a concise action plan and strategic roadmap to leverage their assessment and retreat outcomes. I recommend Quintessent for expert, detailed, and speedy marketing consulting work for rapidly-growing or large-scale enterprises looking to refine their go-to-market strategies and to simplify complex business choices.”



“The work Liz Harvey partnered with us on was nothing short of perfection. We have raved that we’ve never spent that sum of money and got more meaningful results. She and her team were articulate in what would be delivered, had a great visionary/strategic bent and then nailed the deliverables. Superlative work from concept to final output – she nailed it! We will be working together again soon I have no doubt!”



“Tom Kessler and his team of subject matter experts did an excellent job of designing a complex primary research study and drawing insightful conclusions about the consumer beauty products market place. We now have a better understanding of the size of our opportunity and a profile of our target consumer. We intend to incorporate the insights into all of our marketing and product strategies going forward. Tom Kessler is a true professional and delivers what he says he will. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves in the details but can also communicate the strategic implications and ideas needed to drive and transform a business.”



“Tom Weigman has been particularly effective in identifying key near-in opportunities to help transform our Sales approaches, and has kept us focused on driving those ideas to implementation. I have especially appreciated how he has worked hand-in-hand with our sales team and helped us build real competence at retail.”



“Liz Harvey is certainly one of the most experienced and talented individuals I have ever worked with. Her consulting services have far out performed any other consultant we have ever used. Not only is she a strategic thinker, she was exceptional at helping us evaluate and think through our ideas and opinions in a way we couldn’t do internally. Her ability to take extremely complex projects and execute with desired results is what she does best.“



“Tom Kessler’s experience is far reaching across many categories and areas of marketing. His strategic acumen is his stand-out strength. As a senior leader, he has an innate ability to understand his senior clients’ wants and expectations and he integrates this into every action and decision he makes. Tom Kessler is a pro, and someone who I was very lucky to have met. His support of me and my team, his eagerness and selfless attitude have gone a long way towards building our company. He will definitely be an asset to you.”



“I found Tom Weigman’s help and consulting output to be excellent, very insightful and strategic, and simply a great value! Not only was it valuable then, but I have – on numerous occasions since – actually re-used some of the concepts I learned from Tom Weigman in that engagement.”