Why “Quintessent”?

4 elements illustration 195Derivation

“Quintessent” is derived from the Latin, meaning the pure and concentrated “fifth essence” sought via a unique combination of the four elements – earth, wind, fire and water.


Quintessent Marketing

Quintessent Marketing seeks to find a higher state – or “fifth essence” – of a consumer goods or services company’s marketing approach – one capable of achieving far greater integration, and truly transforming the business.

It is a matter of focusing on and integrating, in unique ways, the performance and processes of four classic and critical marketing pillars… 

Q1 – Insights 

Q2 – Business Planning

Q3 – Brand Essentials 

Q4 – Innovation


 .…and using the wisdom of experience to take them to the next level


 Q5 – Integrated Transformative Solutions


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