Quaker Oats

Industry:   Consumer Packaged Goods


The Company:

Quaker is a large food operation in the Pepsico portfolio of companies. For over 130 years, it has created superior products built on the power and goodness of oats supporting heart health, fitness and wholesome nutrition.



The Challenge:

Fix the prevailing flat to down business patterns seen at the point of engagement on both the stovetop “tube oats” and convenience oriented “instant” forms of oatmeal.


What We Did:

Performed a longitudinal analysis of 12 years of business results and customer insights, uncovering root cause of the rut. Recommended structural and positioning changes necessary to correct and revitalize the business.



Quaker’s agency successfully translated the strategy into an umbrella campaign, re-affirming the nutritional ethic of oatmeal and increased year one unit sales by +30%.

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