How We Work

Teamwork vis Gears

Senior Level Engagement

We provide hands-on quality thinking from experts, each with 25+ years of marketing, operating, and consulting experience, to assess the many diverse elements of even the most complex business situations.

We penetrate and unlock core issues and opportunities, and create unique solutions that transform business results, and we never delegate work to junior consultants.


Uniquely Assembled, Collaborative Work Teams

For each assignment, we assemble a customized team of seasoned, multi-functional experts – strategic and execution partners who have successfully collaborated in the past to solve problems.


Sense of Urgency and Entrepreneurship

We dig in, define, and address the toughest challenges, from high level strategy through ground level execution. Experience underscores our ability to work quickly, avoid potholes, and get to solutions, efficiently and cost effectively.


Customized Solutions

We focus on obtaining relevant knowledge, not wasting time and money on “boiler-plate” research. We believe our Quintessent Q1-5 Solutions, coupled with our experience, deliver the transformative growth solutions your company needs, and drive a higher level of sustained performance.


Our Partners